‌The Offshore RSLTNCY (pronounced as 'Resultancy') came to life as a result of a life-long passion for all things maritime, which culminated in the founding of an advice bureau to help companies in the offshore and maritime industry get better sales results. 
‌Why the offshore industry? Because we love it and we know it well: offshore rules!

‌Our philosophy is that results should be measurable and marketing should earn more than it costs.
‌That's why we stongly believe that creating sales leads should be the objective of your marketing efforts. 
‌And if you do that in the right way, you can enhance brand awareness, claim expertise and be a thought leader along the way.

‌On the LEADS page we explain how we do that
The idea of a marketing service in the offshore or marine sector has not been seen as a priority. Often, marketing is considered an unnecessary expense, but with the appropriate input and a good understanding of the needs of clients, the offshore RSLTNCY is changing the mindset, one business at a time. Knowing that good relationships are what marketing and sales is really about puts us in a great position to be able to help. With a broad network of professional contacts and clients, our knowledge base is extensive. We are able to consult and assess alongside decision makers to ensure the best possible outcomes.
Our thirst for knowledge and improvement is what drives us forward. Being the best at what we do and helping our clients to excel in their own business by offering insights and connecting the dots makes us get up in the morning. Each day brings a new opportunity to influence and enhance the industry, learn about the players and connect with our partners. Where others might see our industry as conservative or slow, we feel it's an exciting domain to be a part of, especially with new technologies emerging that makes change inevitable. Our motto is: Offshore rules! We intend to keep connecting and sharing our love for the maritime environment and to help companies in this industry.

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The Maritime industry isn’t known for using online marketing and lead generation as part of their business model...


The offshore RSLTNCY provides tailored services for the maritime domain...


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